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Attorney Robert Kaminski

Robert Kaminski
Robert Kaminski
Principal, The Law Office of Robert Kaminski

In 1996, Attorney Robert Kaminski graduated cum laude from New York Law School where he received the prestigious “Order of the Barristers” award for his accomplishments in New York Law School’s Moot Court Association. Robert was also a member of New York Law School’s Journal of Human Rights, a scholarly publication dedicated to the preservation and extension of human rights through the legal system.

Following graduation, Robert accepted a one-year appointment as a legal research clerk for the judges in the Superior Court in Hartford Connecticut. After completing that one year commitment, he returned to New York City and worked as an Associate Attorney for a prestigious firm that represented doctors (and their insurance companies) who were being sued by their former patients. Robert quickly came to realize that, in most cases, he was not defending a blameless doctor from a “frivolous lawsuit.” He found instead that he was being encouraged to delay (or deny) justice to deserving patients who were harmed by the medical mistakes of their doctors. Robert then briefly worked for a firm that defended insurance companies against injured people. He found that the insurance industry was completely devoid of compassion and seemed to view all claims as being fraudulent. Robert came to realize that he could no longer continue working on the “defense” side in good conscious so he committed himself to representing injured people exclusively.

Since starting his own practice in 2005, Robert have been fully committed to providing excellent legal service for accident victims and their families. Robert prepares every case as though it were going to be tried before a jury. Thorough and careful preparation ensures the best possible results for his clients either by verdict or (more often) by settlement.


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We fully understand that the lives of accident victims and their families can be turned upside down by traumatic injuries. Thus, we are committed to caring, and devoting personalized attention to our clients throughout the entire process of a lawsuit to make the experience as easy as possible.


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